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Digital Finance Learning is a E-learning Platform which offers various online courses which are focused on automation, modeling, cloud computing, ERP, and Machine Learning in the financial industry. They have over hundred online courses which target the five basic pillars of digital finance training. These are Financial Modeling, Financial Reporting, Financial Planning, Financial Accounting, and Financial Management. The curriculum offered by this platform covers a comprehensive level of education required for finance management certification.

digital finance learning

This e-learning platform has been created to assist professionals in enhancing their career with the help of online financial programs. The training offered by this platform will prepare professionals for a career in various aspects of finance management such as financial modeling, planning, forecasting, and finance reporting.

Financial modeling, the process by which an organization plans its future through the use of financial modeling tools and models, can be categorized under financial forecasting. Financial forecasting deals with the study of financial data and forecasting the organization’s future growth. The results of these forecasts are used by the organization to set goals, evaluate past and current performance, make changes to the business model, and determine the future course of action. These are the four pillars of financial modeling.

Financial reporting refers to the process of writing up reports about financial activities. It is one of the most important components of the financial modeling process. Financial reporting includes the process of creating financial statements, analysis of financial data, analysis of market conditions, and the creation of budgets and strategic planning documents. This pillar focuses on analysis of the company’s financial data as well as the market conditions. Financial modeling and financial reporting together form the major pillars of financial modeling. The other pillars, which cover various topics, include corporate finance, global finance, international finance, private finance, government finance, and corporate and investment finance.

Financial planning is the process through which an organization develops a plan for financial management. In this process, the organization lays out its long-term goals, calculates the resources available, and determines the future financial requirements of the organization. In addition to financial planning, the process of implementing the plan is also important. This involves decision-making processes such as budgeting, funding sources, investment strategies, allocation of resources, and financial risk management. The other pillars, which include financial accounting, finance, marketing, human resource, systems, and operations, are important but not exclusively involved in financial planning.

Financial management is one of the pillars. This is the most crucial pillar as it provides the foundation for the organization’s long-term profitability. The other pillars are required to achieve success in financial management. To enhance its financial standing, it should be able to provide the foundation for financial growth and development.

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