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late 90″ Obed with an autograph (??)

Anyone have a clue about this frame? It’s an Obed with the asymmetrical chainstays. The downtube has a blue/white round label that says Aluminum 3/Vanadium 2.5. Under it is a label “LITESPEED TITANIUM”, and “Handbuilt by Colorado Cyclist”. There is a signature on the chainstay that is not a label. It is some type of permanent paint. Best I can tell it is “W David” but I can’t figure out the last name. Could be “P-U…” or “T-U”, with “dez” at the end. Looks like an autograph. I bought this bike 2000-2001 in Albuquerque from a woman who was a team racer. She had the bike set up for her, wanting to try a smaller frame, and decided it was too small. She was 5’8″-5’9″ and I am 5’6″.

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