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1992 Litespeed Ultimate – need some advice and info

Hi all,

Complete newbie having a clearout at home and i have a dismantled Litespeed Ultimate and want to sell it either as a full bike or a frameset.

Ive tried listing it on some local facebook groups but getting a lot of bad rep from a Titanium frames saying that they crack easy. This has not been crashed and is in immaculate condition.

Any advice where to start what i should not let it go for ?

Would any know know what groupset i can put on it? it was on Duraace

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  • Those are very nice frames, and the early ones are very hard to find. You can easily sell the frame by itself on eBay. Buyers are not as knowledgeable on Craigslist, so I would avoid trying to sell there. Good luck. BTW, what size is the frame? If you want, you can put Dura Ace or Ultegra on it, but you will probably not recoup your investment when you sell it.

  • Are you interested in selling?
    Where are you located?
    I ve been looking for a Ti frame as a project.

  • That’s a great bike. I ride a 1993 Litespeed Ultimate, and my wife a 1994. To find a value, look on the big online auction site, because they’re always available. Pay special attention to those that actually get bought, because some folks seem happy to put a high price on them and watch them go unsold.

    Regarding the tendency to crack, that’s bogus. We have six titanium bikes and ride only Ti on mountain and road, including a tandem. All our bikes have had significant use and some abuse, and they ride like new. My 1993 Ultimate was ridden 7K miles by the original owner, and now 10K+ by me. I’ve crashed it and even gone airborne (unintentionally). The wheels suffered some damage and I suffered more, but the frame looks and rides like new. Based on what our bikes have endured, I can’t imagine what level of abuse would be required to crack one.

    The folks believing that Ti frames crack may be looking at online auctions for cracked Ti frames. There may have been some bad welds or extreme abuse. But they are offered because they still have value and can be repaired. The cracked carbon and aluminum frames aren’t offered for sale because they are in the trash or recycling center. Ti frames don’t crack easily, but in that unlikely event, the frame still has value.

    If the bike fits you and you don’t need to sell it, I suggest you ride it. The Ultimate is the best bike I’ve ever ridden.

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