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Great looking frame, it has the best welds I have ever seen.. Bought off e-bay, original owner claimed it was a TST,, I will post pictures of the frame and later the final product..




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  • Further research has identified this as a “TiSport” road bike frame from TST/Sandvik

    Bicycle Frames – All Tisport frames are made in Kennewick, Washington, U.S.A., using cold relieved Ti-3%Al-2.5%V seamless tubing, the same tubing used in aerospace high pressure hydraulic systems. Ti-3%Al-2.5%V is also known as “3-2.5” or “half 6-4”.

    TiSport’s frame quality is unsurpassed. They guaranty to hold 0.020″ straightness from the head tube to the rear dropouts. In addition to the in-process checks, each frame goes through a final 27-step quality check before being shipped. I believe this is why so many companies choose TiSport to build their frames.

    TST-Sandvik produced frames from 1989 to 2009 (Not sure of exact dates)

  • Looks just like mine bought off Roadbikereview. Same info from previous owner. I’m pretty lite and don’t make alot of power but the frame rides great. I’ve got about 10,000 miles on it since I built it and have run plenty of gravel and rough road. Bike built to 17.4 lbs w/ Campy Centaur.

  • I bought a TST complete mountain bike from Cambria Bike Outfitters in 2006 at one of their 3-day blow out sales. It is unbelievable to ride! you can twist it through a tight, slow downhill turn and then roll slalom through high speed single track. I notice that I have to keep check on the tail because during launch on a jump it wants to lift more than the front end (it’s Ti light and easy to check once you’re used to it).

    When I bought it the salesman said this was one of a run of one hundred for CBO and made in Washington state.

    I have not seen any others around and am glad to hear other riders like these bikes too.

  • I’ve had a TST for the last few years and absolutely love it.

    I’ve never been able to find much detail about it, besides a few discussion on forums etc.

    I had a brain wave today – and used the internet archive’s way back machine to look for sales documentation from back in the day. Managed to find TiSports old website. Thought I’d chuck it up for anyone that comes looking in the future.

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