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If not an Ibis, then what is it?

Just purchased this from Ebay, and do not think it is an Ibis. Not really worried about that because I bought it because of the apparent quality of the construction. The problem is that now I do not know what type of bike it is, and the mystery is eating at me. So, if anyone has an idea of what this might be, that would be most helpful. The key to answering this question will most likely be the dropouts (see pic 3).

Haven’t ridden it yet as it isn’t assembled. Waiting on the headset.

The listing info from Ebay…

This auction is for an excellent condition handmade titanium road bike frame. Originally I thought it was an Ibis because it has Ibis decals but a few Ibis experts have said that they’re not so sure. It’s missing the head-badge and the finish and dropouts are different than other Ibis stuff. It was clearly handmade by a master though, the welds are perfect and everything about it is top quality. According to the decals the tubing is Sandvik 3/2.5 titanium “seamless” tubes. Included are a Campagnolo seat-clamp, derailleur cable barrel adjusters, and the cable guide under the bottom bracket. It takes 700c wheels and everything together weighs an impressive 1560 grams or 3.43 pounds.

Seat tube: 58cm C-T, 55cm C-C (Based on the top tube I think most manufacturers would call this a 56cm)
Top Tube: 56cm C-C
Head Tube: 145mm
Headset: 1 Inch
Wheels: 700C






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  • The drop out welds make me think tst right off the bat but I’m not familiar with ibis drop outs

  • That is the conclusion that I have reached after researching this. Not sure if TST is a good thing or not, but it looks like most of the reviews of TST are favorable. Do you know anything about TST? That is to say, was this a good purchase? Still haven’t ridden the bike yet, but it looks good. Whatever that means.

  • This looks just like a Ti-Sports built Mongoose Pro RX 10.9 frame from around 1999-2000. Made in USA, Kenewick Washington. One sweet kind of ride!

  • I believe Ibis always used Breezer-style drop-outs and these are not Breezer-style drop-outs. I have a Sonoma Ti and the brazing looks better than these. Also, the finish is off as Ibis has/had more of a flat gray finish. And lastly, the tubing sticker is definitely not Ibis which usually reflected Scot Nicol’s wit. If you can trust the tubing sticker, TST built with Sandvik, I don’t think Airborne did.

    I’ll second the guess that this is a Mongoose by TST. I think TST also built some Fuji’s?

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