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Sampson Silverton titanium road frame

Eric Sampson began designing bikes in 1992 and sells them under the Sampson Sports label. The Silverton was the top of the line titanium road model from the early 2000’s, made by TiSports / Sandvik in the state of Washington from straight-gauge 3/2.5 titanium. One of the most special qualities of the Silverton is that it was available in a polished version. Aesthetically, I have always preferred the look of polished titanium, but unfortunately it is quite rare to find frames done in polished titanium these days.

My personal impressions of the frame are very positive. TiSports made very high quality bike frames, and I was sad to see them exit that market a couple years ago. The Silverton is a classic titanium road frame that provides a terrific balance between stiffness and comfort.

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  • still trying to figure out why Eric Sampson turned his back on ti? it is still the best material around…if he was still in the ti biz i would have probably bought at least 2 more bikes from him..found a silverton ti on the web a few years ago on the web for $899 and grabbed it, it is comfortable, fast, forgiving and firm, everything carbon isn’t

  • I agree with Gary. I also got a Silverton Ti about 4 years ago for about the same price. Excel Sports and Nashbar were closing them out. What a beautiful, classic frame. Compared to my old Cannondale Aluminum frame–which just beat the devil out of you on regular roads–this bike is a dream. Barring a crash or frame bending event, I expect to give this one to my 9 year old some years down the road.

  • I also got the closeout deal 4 years ago, so far im very satisfied. I just upgraded the fork to a stiffer carbon fork than the original Kinetics’ one. This bike has already withstand two crashes and a couple of airplane trips. Holds tough as new, no frame unwanted noises while riding, nor visible scratches. I don’t ride all that much nowadays but this Sampson Silverton gives me the kind of realibility and piece of mind that i was looking for in a fairly high bike-frame investment. It also looks sexy and vintage like, Thumbs up !

  • Hey All,

    I have this exact frame in size 54″ with the following:
    Shimano Ultegra 6500 Component Groupo
    18 Speed 53:39 ratio (non campact)
    Carbon Fork
    Alec R500 Rim set off a Specialized Allez

    Asking: $1,000.00

  • I just bought a used Sampson polished Ti bike like the one in the pic but the decals were removed. It has the EMS Pro OS carbon fork and 9-speed Ultegra components.

    The serial number is VS54036 and it’s a 54 cm size. Is this the “Silverton,” and from the serial number can the month and year of manufacture be determined?

    Thanks for any insight.


  • my serial is VS54014, 54 might be for size and the other numbers for production number i guess, bought it around 2008, if your frame corresponds to the pictures above, then yes it is the Silverton,

  • Yes, mine is a 58cm model with serial number VS58042, so I’d say Rodrigo is right and the last 3 numbers are production number. My guess is these all date from 2001-2003….

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