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MOOTS frames serial number years

As a fan of ti frames one is naturally a fan of MOOTS based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Moots may be the most revered of all titanium makers, and therefore there is a very strong second-hand market for Moots frames.  All Moots frames should have a serial number stamped on the bottom of the BB (bottom bracket).

The number will look something like this:  19 M 5555.  The first two digits reflect the size, the “M” stands for Moots, and the 5555 would reflect that the frame is the 5,555th frame that moots produced.

When Moots reached the # M9999, rather than switch to using 5-digit #’s, they restarted at 0001 but with an “O” instead of an “M.”  Thus, recent frames’ serial numbers look like xx O xxxx rather than xx M xxxx.

The following chart is based off of a bunch of Moots frame data points (the black diamonds), and gives you a good idea of Moots frames’ production dates relative to serial numbers.

It’s great to see that production has been quite steady since the late 90’s… that’s 15+ years of cranking out gorgeous titanium frames at a healthy rate.  Way to go Moots!!



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  • Hmm, as an old fart that has cracked many a Ti. frame in my younger days! 🙁
    I have never cracked or had an issue with any Moots YBB’s or Rigormootis! My first Rigormootis has a serial number M1203 and still has it’s original MootsCycles decals, it’s sporting XTR M950 8 spd., M952 chainrings, King with Moots saddle, stem, post. (vintage build) to my newest 2011 YBB. My two favs are my V-brake YBB w/ 1×11 running gear & my second Rigormootis is now my commuter / exercise bike. I logged many a mile on this frame.


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