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Litespeed catalog archive

Yes, catalogs are old school but they can be a good reference, so here’s a set of Litespeed catalogs in PDF format. If you have a Litespeed catalog from another year to add to this list, let me know and we can get it added here.

  • 2006 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 2004 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 2000 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1999 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1998 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1997 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1996 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1995 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1994 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1993 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1991 Litespeed catalog (PDF )
  • 1990 Litespeed catalog (PDF )

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  • Thanks for the resource. Unfortunately, most of the catalog PDFs aren’t accessible.

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    Thanks for pointing out the issue with the links. They should be fixed now.

  • Downloaded em all thanks

  • Thanks!
    But 1992 is still not accessible.

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    Yes, sorry… if anyone has a 1992 catalog to share then I would be happy to post it here.

  • Thanks for share!

    If anyone has a 2007 catalog, please share. I am a owner of a Litespeed Niota with a redesigned rear triangle, so I need to read the Litespeed comments about this.

  • Thank you for collecting these!

  • I think I have Litespeed catalogs for 1992, 2001, 2002, and 2003. I can create pdf files, but not sure who to send them to for uploading to this site. This is a nice resource. Thanks for creating it.

  • I have been looking for a 2001 catalog, can’t find one online. any help ?


  • Litespeed Orion color orange and grey? any info or catalogue for this bike?

  • Was wondering where I could get a 2011 catalog if it excists? You guys seem to have the most extensive collection so I thought I would ask

  • Never mind I read it wrong looking for a 2001 catalog

  • Looking for 2001 2002 and 2003 litespeed catalogs. Thanks

  • Do you want the 2006 catalogue?

  • Hi I have I 2004 litespeed Mira , trying to find a buyer in the uk ,

  • Anyone ever find the 2001-2003?

  • where can I find old Litespeed catalogs ?

  • Hi I’m after a copy of the 89′ catalogue, if any one can help I’d appreciate it!

  • The links for the litespeed catalogs for 1999, 2000, 2004 and 2006 don’t seem to work.

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