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Interview Q’s for fabricators…

Interview Questions

Get your word and perspective out to more customers. Your responses will be posted for TiRides readers.
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  • Before we dive into questions about your current work as a professional ti-frame producer, let's hear about where your interest in riding bicycles started. Did you start out as a road rider or a disciple or dirt?
  • What are the circumstances that led you to want to start designing and making titanium frames? When and where did you start out?
  • What types of frames (road, mountain, cyclocross, 29er, single-speed?) and/or other titanium components do you produce?
  • Do you focus on titanium exclusively, or do you also work with aluminum, carbon, and/or steel?
  • Should customers contact you directly, or work through a dealer? What is needed to initiate an order? What is your estimated time for completing a customer's order, after you receive the order?
  • What can you tell us about the quality/type(s) of titanium you source?
  • Your thoughts on the merits of using 3/2.5 vs. 6/4 titanium, and/or straight-gauge versus butted tubing?
  • Not long ago, a Litespeed titanium frame was the lightest production frame on the planet, but now carbon frames have assumed the lightweight crown.  How do you see titanium competing in the future?

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