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You can showcase your frame on TiRides or contribute a short article/post about anything ti-related (for example, a ti-bike company experience or industry news).

It’s easy.  To make a post a just click on the “Make a Post!” button near the top and then click the appropriate sub-option.

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  • Hi Ti Rides,
    Just an enquiry from a Ti noob.
    I have just purchased a moots vamoots – a few years old. However I have the opportunity to nab a compact sl in the out of production 6/4 tubing.
    I am 29 years old fairly fit and commute to work.
    Would there be any drawbacks in opting for the compact SL over the vamoots?
    Matthew, Western Australia

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    I had a Compact SL although I recently switched to an RSL. The Compact SL is an amazing frame. All else being equal, I would choose it over the standard Moots Vamoots, given that I think it’s fun to ride something that you will likely see nowhere else. That being said, the quality of your Vamoots is just as high as a Compact SL, and you won’t likely feel any advantage of 6/4 over 3/2.5.
    My personal experiences with various Ti frames have led me to believe that 6/4 and 3/2.5 are the same in terms of the performance you feel on the bike as a rider. Theoretically speaking, 6/4 tubes should be stronger in a crash, but in a situation where 3/2.5 would fail most likely a 6/4 frame would have cracked somewhere at its welds—not to mention our relatively fragile human bodies!

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