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1992 Litespeed Ultimate – need some advice and info

Hi all, Complete newbie having a clearout at home and i have a dismantled Litespeed Ultimate and want to sell it either as a full bike or a frameset. Ive tried listing it on some local facebook groups but getting a lot of bad rep from a Titanium frames saying that they crack easy. This […]

late 90″ Obed with an autograph (??)

Anyone have a clue about this frame? It’s an Obed with the asymmetrical chainstays. The downtube has a blue/white round label that says Aluminum 3/Vanadium 2.5. Under it is a label “LITESPEED TITANIUM”, and “Handbuilt by Colorado Cyclist”. There is a signature on the chainstay that is not a label. It is some type of […]

What’s the story behind this Trek-branded full Ti Lemond frame?

I was browsing Craigslist and lo and behold I stumble upon an interesting story from the not too distant past – After the Lemond/Trek fallout, the story goes, decals and head badges ran out, these last, full Titanium Lemond Victoire frames with traditional geometry (called “Classic” after the sloping top tube design became the […]

help identifying a Ti frame?

Hey, all. Recently, I picked up an unknown Ti frame. The price and quality were good enough that I bought it without ascertaining the make of the frame. Here’s some pictures of it: From talking to some folks online, I gather the quality is pretty good, and have ruled out […]

WTB Bon Tempe 26″ titanium MTB

Thumbnail : WTB Bon Tempe 26″ titanium MTB

The only titanium frame ever produced by Wilderness Trail Bikes. Very rare, as only a few were produced.