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The Broken Bike and Hippie Tech Suspension

Two shops that specialize in servicing suspension components are The Broken Bike and Hippie Tech. Their specialization gives enables them to get familiar with the most complex part of today’s bikes: shocks. These two shops have a good track record. You can check out both The Broken Bike and Hippie Tech websites for more information.

Ceeway framebuilding tools and parts

Thumbnail : Ceeway framebuilding tools and parts

The prior post on Bike Tools Etc. reminds me of how important the niche sellers of specialty bike-related parts and tools are to consumers who otherwise wouldn’t have access to such things.  These stores need our support, and it’s hard to become a customer when they remain “under the radar.”  So, to provide some exposure […]

Bike Tools Etc.

Thumbnail : Bike Tools Etc.

Bike Tools Etc. has an incredible selection of tools.  When you can’t find a specific tool you need from your normal sources, Bike Tools Etc. is a good place to look.  They also have many miscellaneous small parts. As their site advertises, they have literally thousands of tools and parts in stock. At the moment, […]

Nova Cycles Supply

Thumbnail : Nova Cycles Supply

Nova Cycles Supply is another source of framebuilding parts and tools that carries titanium products.  You can order a small braze-on piece, a full tubeset, or anything in between.  Want to know how much a single titanium chainstay costs?  This is the kind of strange thing that can interest me.  From their site: 22.2mm TITANIUM […]

Paragon Machine Works

Thumbnail : Paragon Machine Works

This Richmond, CA machine shop specializes in making the small bits that get welded on to titanium frames. Frame builders and the general public can order from their website.  For many of us, one of their most intriguing titanium products might be the one below.