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Fine Tubes Ltd and Reynolds: a seamless marriage that ended

Because I consider it unfortunate that there is no longer a supply of seamless 6/4 tubing for bike frame fabricators, I found the following information regarding the source of the Reynolds 6/4-seamless tubing from about 5 years ago interesting. From Reynolds Website circa 2006: Reynolds launches seamless, butted 6Al-4V titanium BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – Reynolds Cycle […]

Cold-working of titanium

Thumbnail : Cold-working of titanium

When reading about the history of Litespeed, and looking through their catalogs, I came to learn about the significance of cold-working. Cold-working refers to physically manipulating metals at room temperature, which, for hard metals such as steel and titanium, requires specialized (and expensive) equipment. Being at the forefront of titanium bike-frame manufacturing in the 1990’s, […]

Integrated headset on thin-walled Ti frame?

Some titanium frames are (or were) sold with integrated headsets, but most of the ti frames in existence use traditional headsets. Which is better? The answer may surprise some. In 2007, this issue was debated in a thread. The final verdict in that thread was laid down by user Ligero, who claimed to have […]

Video: How titanium is made

Thumbnail : Video: How titanium is made

Someone posted a “How Do They Do It?” video on YouTube about the process of making titanium.  It’s pretty interesting stuff.  After watching the video, it’s easier to understand why titanium is so expensive.  Check it out. The video illustrates how energy-intensive the making of titanium is.  In a discussion of this video, […]

Titanium description from now-defunct Spats website

About Titanium Titanium alloys are high performance alloys that offer a unique combination of high strength, low density, excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance. The performance of Titanium alloys makes them the ideal choice for bicycle frames and other tubular structures. Titanium as a raw element is often thought of as being rare; this, in fact, […]

Titanium frames stiffness comparison test

Here’s an excerpt from a 2006 discussion of a Moots titanium frame. User Mario, Jr. cites results from “the Tour tests,” which were evidently in a European cycling magazine (source?). To view the entire thread, you can visit the WeightWeenies forum. The particular quote of interest (from user Mario, Jr.) follows. Yes. It was […]

Bianchi overviews titanium

The source has (as of June, 2010) the following description of titanium: Bianchi Reparto Corse uses exclusively work-hardened and certified grade 9 titanium. Each tube has a specific outside diameter and the right gauge so as to maximize the efficiency of the frame and save weight. Each delivered material batch is accompanied by the […]

Double vs Triple butted tubing

What is this tube “butting” stuff all about? First off, tubes can be either externally butted or internally butted.   The latter is much more common and less expensive, so let’s focus on it first.  Internally butted tubes are typically of the double butted variety, sometimes of the triple butted variety, and very rarely of the […]

Manufacturing Ti bar stock

You would see titanium bike frames all over, like we do with aluminum and steel, if titanium were not so bloody expensive to manufacture. In a nutshell, there are three steps to making a titanium frame: (i) collect the raw material, yielding rough “titanium sponge” (ii) convert the titanium sponge into titanium-alloy bar stock (solid […]

“Heady Metal” and bike frames

Around 1994, a series of articles appeared in several issues of VeloNews focusing on the properties of different materials for making bike frames. Author Scot Nicol makes the following case for titanium: The Titanium Advantage The Titanium Development Association calls titanium “the material of choice,” and there are a lot of people in the bike […]

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