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Sibex titanium fork

Thumbnail : Sibex titanium fork

Sibex is a Russian company. I have heard that Russia is the world’s largest producer of titanium. At one point in time, the Russians could make submarines out of titanium at a level of quality and sophistication that was unmatched anywhere in the world. In comparison, bike parts are pretty simple. The Sibex titanium fork […]

Shimano XTR gruppo numbering

I sometimes get confused about the XTR numbering schemes. So, for those of you who also forget, I’m putting it down here for future reference. I’ll plan to do the same for Dura Ace. 8 speed: XTR M900, in 1992 XTR M950, in 1996 XTR M951, in 1998 9 speed: XTR M952, in 1999 (Normal […]

Bold Precision seatposts and skewers

Thumbnail : Bold Precision seatposts and skewers

Bold Precision is a speciality manufacturer, producing only titanium seaposts and titanium skewers, at least at the current time.  There are two models of the Bold Precision Ti seatpost, the Ultra Lite and the Standard.  The Standard version comes with setback options, and is still very light. The three unusual (cool) aspects of the Bold […]

Stans NoTubes ZTR Arch 29er wheelset DT 240s

Thumbnail : Stans NoTubes ZTR Arch 29er wheelset DT 240s

My ZTR Arch 29er wheelset built up by Epic Wheel Works in Portland is terrific.  Jude’s excellent service service is matched by her expert wheelbuilding skills.  The wheels are true in both dimensions (i.e., sideways and concentrically), and the amount of dish seems spot-on as well.  Also, the spokes’ tension levels seem very uniform, which […]

29er wheelset by Epic Wheel Works

Thumbnail : 29er wheelset by Epic Wheel Works

Epic Wheel Works is a custom wheel-building shop in Portland, OR. The owner, Jude, is passionate about cycling and will take the time to help you dial in the best possible set of wheels, taking into account riding style, physics (weight), and budget. I have known Jude since before she took up shop in Portland, […]