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Salsa Cycles titanium El Mariachi MTB frame

Thumbnail : Salsa Cycles titanium El Mariachi MTB frame

The Salsa El Mariachi hardtail 29er was introduced in 2007. The standard El Mariachi was produced from Salsa’s “Kung Fu” CroMoly tubing. To produce the El Mariachi in titanium, Salsa turned to the titanium-fabrication expertise of Lynskey. So, the titanium version of the El Mariachi is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Lynskey Performance Designs. You […]

Model history – Litespeed Obed hardtail MTB frame

Thumbnail : Model history – Litespeed Obed hardtail MTB frame

The Litespeed Obed. “Poor man’s titanium mountain bike?” Although that’s how the Obed has been described even in Litespeed’s own marketing of the frame, don’t think that implies the Obed is somehow a second-tier hardtail. The Obed was second-tier in terms of price only. The reputation of the Obed is stellar. And, since titanium “lasts […]

Litespeed titanium mountain frames timeline

Thumbnail : Litespeed titanium mountain frames timeline

Between hardtail and suspension variants of all its mountain frame incarnations over the years, Litespeed has had more mountain bike models than road models. So, if a table was needed to make sense of all the road models, then the following chart for the titanium Litespeed mountain frames is even more essential. They sure have […]

Lynskey Pro29 titanium 29er frame

Thumbnail : Lynskey Pro29 titanium 29er frame

The Pro29 is Lynskey’s high end 29er hardtail frame.  This late-2009 new Pro29 frame features the Helix (spiraling) downtube in addition to a svelte curving toptube. This particular new Pro29 frame is a standard Lynskey size Large and also features the slider-style dropouts with the derailleur-hanger attachment for using the frame as a geared bike. It […]

Sycip Super Unleaded MTB frame

Thumbnail : Sycip Super Unleaded MTB frame

Sycip has a range of frames in aluminum and steel, and then there’s the Sycip 3/2.5 titanium Super Unleaded.  The frame is available in both 26″ and 29er versions.  Sycip has stock sizes but also offers custom sizing/geometry for a $300 up charge. Sycip is based out of California.  For more information, check out the […]

Vassago Optimus Ti

Thumbnail : Vassago Optimus Ti

Vassago is known for their 29er frames, featuring their “WetCat” geometry. The Optimus Ti is their titanium 29er single speed, manufactured by Lynskey. Vassago’s website page for the Optimus Ti mentions “Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts,” and those dropouts appear to be the same as those on the Lynskey Pro 29er frame from the same […]

Jeff Jones 29er Diamond

Thumbnail : Jeff Jones 29er Diamond

Jeff Jones designs radical but effective mountain bike frames and has his designs expertly executed by Merlin. In 2008, Dirt Rag Mag positively reviewed the Jones Spaceframe and Truss fork; excerpts from those comments follow: Jeff Jones is one of those bike world visionaries who will have a lasting influence on the equipment we use. […]