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Lynskey 2009 hardtail MTB frame sizes and geometry

The following table should apply to Lynskey hardtail frames from 2009. I found this table online and have no way to verify the integrity of the data. I assume it’s correct, but let me know if that’s a bad assumption. Here goes…. Model Size S T T T BB Height BB Drop H T Angle […]

Lynskey Pro29 titanium 29er frame

Thumbnail : Lynskey Pro29 titanium 29er frame

The Pro29 is Lynskey’s high end 29er hardtail frame.  This late-2009 new Pro29 frame features the Helix (spiraling) downtube in addition to a svelte curving toptube. This particular new Pro29 frame is a standard Lynskey size Large and also features the slider-style dropouts with the derailleur-hanger attachment for using the frame as a geared bike. It […]

Lynskey catalog archive

I don’t know if Lynskey has produced more than one catalog. The one I am aware of is their 2008 catalog, linked to below. If you have another catalog in PDF form, let me know and I can post it here as well. 2008 Lynskey catalog (PDF )

2009 Lynskey Race Pace versus Competition geometry

Lynskey houseblend road frames are made in two different geometries, depending on the model.  Both the race pace and the competition geometries are in the two tables below, respectively.  Both offer a very stable ride for either geometry, especially for fast descending.  Both geometries are designed with a 43cm fork rake in mind. The data […]

Lynskey 2009 Helix

Thumbnail : Lynskey 2009 Helix

The 2009 Lynksey Helix below exhibits superb craftmanship, both in terms of welds and all other details. Yes, it’s not clear from an engineering standpoint what the value-add of spiraling tubes are, but they sure are pretty. And, performance doesn’t seem to be compromised at all, so why not have a bike that looks unique?

Lynskey leaves Litespeed

The following article is quoted from the publication Bicycle Retailer (dated Tuesday, July 12 2005). Last Litespeed Founder, Mark Lynskey, Leaves American Bicycle Group CHATTANOOGA, TN (BRAIN)—Mark Lynskey, vice president of sales and marketing of the American Bicycle Group, left the company last week, saying he had achieved what he wanted to at the company […]