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Litespeed XXL Vortex frame, extra tall large size

Thumbnail : Litespeed XXL Vortex frame, extra tall large size

This is a special (custom) 2006 Litespeed Vortex titanium road frameset,size XXXL. Litespeed built this one-off Vortex in an extra, extra, large size that will not fit your typical rider. The frame weighed in only around 1675 grams.

Litespeed Sewanee full suspension 26er mountain bike frame

Thumbnail : Litespeed Sewanee full suspension 26er mountain bike frame

The Litespeed Sewanee is a full suspension cross-country titanium frame.  It’s rare to see a full suspension bike in full titanium, given the extremely high manufacturing costs.   The Sewanee is one of very, very few suspension frame models ever produced with both the front and rear triangles being all Ti. The Sewanee has a reputation […]

Model history – Litespeed Machete Suspension 26″ MTB frame

The Machete is arguably the ugliest mountain frame ever fabricated. Yet on the other hand, it’s so ugly it actually somewhat cool. With pieces of metal and tubing sticking out from strange places, it was quite a creation. Apparently, the market didn’t love it, though, so it was only around for some months in 1997. […]

Model history – Litespeed Hiwassee hardtail 26″ MTB frame

The Hiwassee was a rather short-lived model for Litespeed, offered in only 1996 and 1997.  Does that imply that there was something wrong with the Hiwassee?   From a design, performance, and quality perspective, no.  The Hiwassee was what you should expect from a good titanium hardtail.  The problem for the problem was definitely a marketing/sales […]

Model history – Litespeed Tellico hardtail MTB frame

The Tellico’s claim to fame is that it was Litespeed’s first 6/4 titanium MTB frame.  The Tellico was, in a sense, the first incarnation of the subsequent Tanasi hardtail, since Litespeed switched from Tellico to Tanasi for naming its 6/4 hardtail.  Litespeed used the Tellico model name for five years: 1995-1999. The following details show […]

Model history – Litespeed Liege road frame

Any discussion of the history of the Litespeed Liege model is bound to be short, because it had a brief existence. It was a 6-4/3-2.5 blend frame, offered in 1999 only. The Liege was essentially identical to the Litespeed Ultimate at the time, but had more “Conventional road race geometry” and apparently employed more 6/4 […]

Model history – Litespeed Tuscany road frame

Litespeed’s Tuscany road frame was introduced in 1998, above the Nachez in the Litespeed model line-up.  The Tuscany offered top-end Litespeed features, without the top-end price-point. The Tuscany was built from shaped and butted 3/2.5 titanium, and featured radially-curved seatstays.  The Tuscany frame came with a brushed finish as standard, with a polished finish available […]

Litespeed Ultimate polished ti road frame

Thumbnail : Litespeed Ultimate polished ti road frame

The Ultimate was Litespeed’s top of the line titanium road frame from the mid 90s, with extensively cold-worked and shaped 3/2.5 tubing. This particular Ultimate is a size 59cm featuring Litespeed’s costly full-polish finish, and sports an updated set of decals. (Original decal sets are available via Litespeed’s website for ~$39). The specs on the […]

Litespeed Tanasi 2005 26″ hardtail MTB frame

Thumbnail : Litespeed Tanasi 2005 26″ hardtail MTB frame

Litespeed’s Tanasi was Litespeed’s lightest hardtail MTB frame from 2000-2006. The Tanasi was special due its main frame being entirely fashioned from 6/4 titanium. Because 6/4 titanium is stronger than 3/2.5 titanium, Litespeed can achieve the required frame strength using less material. The result? A lighter frame. Despite the light weight of the Tanasi, it […]

Model history – Litespeed Nachez road frame

Litespeed’s Nachez road frame was positioned below the Tuscany in Litespeed’s model line-up in the late 1990’s.  First offered in 1996, the Nachez was Litespeed’s “affordable” road frame, intended to attract customers who could not afford Litespeed’s pricier models.  In 1998, Litespeed offered another road frame at an attractive price point, the Tuscany, which Litespeed […]

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