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Airborne Torch 6/4 Reynolds titanium road frame

Thumbnail : Airborne Torch 6/4 Reynolds titanium road frame

The Torch is, in several respects, the nicest made titanium frame I have seen.  The closest comparator to this frame would be the Moots Compact SL. The Torch features: 6/4 seamless titanium tubing sourced from Reynolds (this tubing is very sought-after and no longer available) extensively machined dropouts externally butted headtube internal cable routing in […]

Colnago Master BiTitan titanium road frame

Thumbnail : Colnago Master BiTitan titanium road frame

Colnago’s “BiTitan” is named after its dual down tubes. Yep, you read that right. There were two versions of the BiTitan. The original BiTitan had a typical top tube, whereas the later “Master” BiTitan’s top tube has a diamond cross-sectional shape. The frame shown in the photographs below is the Master version. The original BiTitan […]

Airborne Spectre

Thumbnail : Airborne Spectre

Airborne made some really nice titanium frames, and found a way to do so at reasonable prices with production in China.  The Spectre was Airborne’s time-trial specialist frame.  The Spectre in the picture below is a 60cm version.

Airborne X-1 time trial frame

Thumbnail : Airborne X-1 time trial frame

There were some really nice frames made by Airborne before they “closed shop.” One of the Airborne models was the X-1, a specialized time-trial frame made from 3/2.5 titanium. I heard the Van Nicholas purchased the remaining assets of Airborne, but unfortunately there is no Van Nicholas frame similar to the X-1. So, if you […]

Bull Cycles Tirone 2010 mtb

Thumbnail : Bull Cycles Tirone 2010 mtb

Bulls Cycles is a new ti fabricator that has started producing some very nice bikes, such as the 26-inch “Tirone” below.

Basso Zero.9 road frame

Thumbnail : Basso Zero.9 road frame

Basso dates back to 1977, at which time it was started in the town of Dueville, Italy, in the province of Vicenza. The following passage is from Basso regarding its titanium frames: BASSO has a long history in the construction of titanium frames, the first Basso titanium model dates back to 1989.  To create a […]

Baum Corretto road frame

Thumbnail : Baum Corretto road frame

Darren Baum is a Ti framebuilder from Down Under who has earned quite a reputation for building some of the finest titanium frames at any price.  Quoting from his Builder Statement: “Darren trained and worked as a certified aircraft engineer and stainless steel TIG welder before becoming a frame builder.”  At the time of […]

Carver mountain frame

Thumbnail : Carver mountain frame

Carver offers highly customized Ti frames with a promised 6-week leadtime and low prices.  How is that possible?  Partner with a quality Chinese titanium fabricator such as Changda, that’s how! Although Carver is new to the bike scene, with its obvious value-proposition there are bound to be many satisfied customers.  The pictures below show a […]

Crisp Titanium

Thumbnail : Crisp Titanium

Darren Crisp is a designer/architect turned frame builder. After completing his Architecture B.S. from Texas A&M and working as a designer and Project Manager (which landed him in Tuscany for a while), he ultimately decided to pursue his passion for frame building as a full-time endeavor. In 2001 he was here in Oregon going through […]

Black Sheep Highlight

Thumbnail : Black Sheep Highlight

Black Sheep Bikes ( is one of those ti fabricators that you can’t help but like. Located in Fort Collins, CO, they just quietly go about their business of making the finest custom titanium bikes around. Reviews of their bikes are uniformly glowing, so rider satisfaction is clearly very high. And, aesthetically, Black Sheep bikes […]